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it was a complete stranger. it appears it is random. >> reporter: a friend opened the apartment and stood up to the robber. >> he was cut by the suspect. >> was it a knife? >> we don't know. it was some type of sharp object. >> reporter: police say when the father came home the suspect punched him then ordered everyone into the family's sedan and made them trive to a nearby a.t.m. where he made them withdraw money. then he ordered the father into the truck and ordered the friend to drive to a secluded area. the father called police. a gated community would appear to prevent a crime like that. you can walk in without a key or anything it doesn't do much good. >> they haven't changed the code since it started. so people that used to live here -- the gate is a joke. >> reporter: there is a sign here at the date that says under 24-hour surveillance but we haven't seen any cameras. now, there would be a camera at
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that a.t.m. they went to. when the picture becomes available it may not be of much help because the suspect wore a mask. police say the suspect is a black male in his 30s about 5'9" tall. he was wearing a black cat, had a baggy sweatshirt, black athletic shoes and black cloth gloves. police need the public's help trying to catch this man. anita? >> hopefully they will very, very soon. peggy, thank you. as predicted we shattered heat records at both d.c. airports today. anny hong is in for topper. how hot did it get? >> we unofficially hit 104 degrees at reagan national shattering the old record of 99. the last time it was hotter was in august 5 of 1987. all time high ever recorded was 106 in july 1930. we are still under the heat
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advisory until 9 p.m. tonight. the entire area of d.c. metro and tomorrow things start to cool down a little bit. it feels like 106 right now in downtown. fredricksburg 109. leesburg 101. culpeper 108 degrees. what can you expect for it tonight? if you've got dinner plans you may want to stay inside with the a.c. partly cloudy skies. warm and muggy. chance for an isolated storm or shower mostly to the north of us. lows 73 to 81 degrees. actually very, very warm overnight temperature. we will talk more about your weekend forecast. i will let you know when it cools down. back to you. >> every little bit helps. after abruptly canceling a vote on his debt ceiling plan late last night house speaker john boehner says this one will get what he needs to pass
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themy. >> but with four days remaining to default it does not mean we are any closer to solving the crisis. democrats saying there is no way it will pass the senate. derek mcginty will explain. >> reporter: within the next hour we will know for sure if that new plan is headed to the senate if boehner is right about having the votes. this is a live look at the house floor where house representatives are slated to vote between 5:45 and 6 p.m. tonight. but with that august 2nd deadline quickly approaching instead of meeting somewhere in the middle democrats and republicans are rolling full speed ahead on separate tracks in ops directions. >> the time for putting party first is over. the time for compromise on behalf of the american people is now. >> reporter: president obama today telling congress in no uncertain terms get the deal done and get it done now. he went to twitter. the obama reelection campaign
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tweeted out the handles of each state's gop representatives. >> right now the house is still trying to pass a bill that a majority of republicans and democrats in the senate have already said they won't vote for. >> reporter: right now the holdup is in the house with speaker john boehner still trying to get enough plan to pass his plan to race the debt limit and cut the deficit e he is hoping to convince conservatives to vote for it. somehow it is working. >> i am enthusiastic now. >> reporter: they say a two- phase plan has no chance of reaching the president's desk. >> it is time for republicans to stop the political games and embrace compromise. >> reporter: harry reid says the time for games is over so he is drafting his own version of a legislative package to divert the default. while it more likely pass house republicans say there is no chance they will let it see the
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light of day. all the political negotiations are making some of the nation's biggest creditors nervous as well. today executives from the 20 largest banks in america met with the u.s. treasury officials to talk about how the debt options will be handled if the congress can't find a way to make the deal and end this situation. meantime up on wall street stocks suffering their worst week of losses so far this year. doubt finishing the day down # 6 points closing at 12,143. nasa dak dropped close to 10 points and s&p was down 8 points today. we go live now from the new york stock exchange. total carnage on the street this week and we haven't even got to the debt limit deadline. >> reporter: that's right, derek. it was a pretty ugly picture on wall street this week. the dow lost 4%.
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nasdaq down 3.5%. it is bad enough we have this back drop of the debt deadlock in washington but today we got news that we didn't need to hear. that the u.s. economy barely grew in the first six months of this year. the housing market is remaining weak because the economy isn't growing and consumers aren't spending money. >> looking at going to the weekend with no debt limit in sight here. >> reporter: the important thing to remember is not to panic and that a debt agreement will be reached if not by tuesday, it will happen at some point. and for people who have a pretty long time horizon meaning they are not going to be looking to retire or cash in in their investments in the next two to three years. this is a huge buying opportunity because when the market turns around again, and it will, they will have bought lots of stock at a cheap price and they will enjoy that rally on the way up. >> great move if you've got the
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stomach for it. apple has more money than uncle sam. say it ain't so? >> reporter: yes, i'm sorry your mind was blown but it is sad and true that apple does have more money than the u.s. government. right now the treasury is sitting on about 73.8 billion in cash. according to apple's latest earnings report in june it had 76 billion. apple brings more money in that it spends. the opposite is true for the u.s. government. so apple does, indeed, have more money than the treasury right now. >> that last statement so sad but true. thank you for your time today. we appreciate it. and we have a lot more ahead for you on this debt ceiling issue. coming up, the still struggling housing market. how the debt ceiling issue could cost you a school or a road in your neighborhood.
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whether or not it is time to invest. we will talk to a stock analyst. back to you. >> thank you, derek. a temple hills man is arrested in connection with the killing of his live-in girlfriend. donald dixon is charged with first-degree murder. the victim 62-year-old vicky lee griffin was found in the 4600 block of dallas place. the discovery came after police were called to investigate a report of a gas odor coming from the apartment. in a 9news now update, a district man pleaded guilty today to killing his teenage daughter. he admitted to stabbing his daughter at least 15 times then stuffing her body in a columbia heights trash can. prosecutors say he engaged in a long-term incestuous relationship with his daughter. he will face 47 years in jail
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as part of a plea agreement. putting metro cameras on drivers to help keep drivers safe. the plan seems to be working. since the installations there have been 2000 disciplinary actions against the drivers. we are joined from metro headquarters with a closer look at the numbers. >> reporter: metro bus operators have always had plenty of back seat drivers riding along but since last fall big brother has been watching too. the transit system installed these cameras aimed at the driver's seat at a cost of $3 million. >> track movements of the buses and activities that the operators are involved in. primarily as a training tool. >> reporter: the union representing drivers complains there was a hidden agenda for the cameras. >> they told us they weren't going to take any disciplinary action with the property but lately they have been. >> reporter: once the probation period for the cameras ended last february a lot of misbehavior has been caught on
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metrocam including running red lights, which is the most common offense, speeding, failure to use seat belts and cell phone use while driving. the cameras monitor the drivers constantly but sudden events are recorded. disciplinary actions were taken including 222 suspensions and 20 firings for cell phone use. most of the passengers we spoke to seem to share this view. >> i think it is a great idea. it will make them stay focused on road and not get distracted. >> reporter: now, there is one thing that both metro and the union agree on and that is that the overwhelming majority of the incidents caught on tape, about 80% of them are either neutral or positive. for example, when a bus driver swerves to avoid a pedestrian that runs in the middle of the street. and they do say all of the drivers that have been disciplined or the majority of
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them do not make the same mistake again. that's the story out here in metr headquarters. a wall collapsed today at a mall. it happened at a construction site where a new slot parlor is being built. a 27-year-old was in a bucket lift when the wall collapsed on him and he died. they are trying to recover his body but the heat is making that difficult. the cause of the collapse is not clear. redskins training camp officially got underway today just in time for record heat. >> i was just going to say so hot. and in about an hour coach mike shanahan will address the media for the first time since the lockout was lifted. daven owens is live at redskins park. again, they had a first full day of practice and of course the weather did not corporate today, dave. >> reporter: no, it did not. 60 players hit the field this morning and that's going to expand in the next couple of days as new free agents come
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into town. teams will have as many as 90. whether there were 60 players or 90 players on the field it was just nice to see redskins players getting out here at practice. take a look at some of the video. this was the scene this morning. 8:30 the players headed out to the practice field. veterans and the rookies, 2.5 hour workout in this oven heat. but no matter, time to get back to work. >> we have been anticipating this day for a long time to be able to go out and practice with the team and coaches able to get it on tape. >> it was very key to get the guys here. guys we will count on throughout the season. >> focusing on trying to get better, trying to win football games. just preparing to win each and every day. it was a good first day. >> much more coming up here. john beck taking on a
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leadership role at practice. rookies are here. one maybe overcome by the heat. we will give you the details coming up a little bit later. dave owens, 9sports. >> thank you. still ahead tonight all drivers wish they got more miles to the gallon and thanks to some new fuel efficiency standards they soon will. we will tell you all about it. >> it is probably the biggest thank you a member of the military could ever receive. i'm going to introduce you to an airman that just won $1 million in the d.c. lottery. wait until you find out how he is spending the money. i'm lindsey mastis. that story is coming up. but up next. attorneys for more than 1000 veterans say a terrible wrong has been righted. coming up details on a landmark settlement when it comes to post-traumatic stress. we will be right.
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a soldier who went a.w.o.l. made his first court appearance afternoon planning to attack a plan on fort hood. he was defiant in court yelling out the name of nidal hasan. he refused to stand up during the hearing telling authorities he planned to build two bombs in a motel room then detonate those bombs at a popular
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restaurant. >> more than 1000 veterans from iraq and afghanistan discharged because of post-traumatic stress disorder will now get disability benefits they had been denied. that as a result of a settlement of a class action lawsuit filed by veterans who say p.t.s. can be a crippling decision. >> reporter: serving her country but leaving the military on a far different note than she ever dreamed. >> shameful. i left with nothing. >> reporter: amy deployed three different times to both iraq and pakistan in three and a half years. while on those missions she says she experienced unrelenting combat-related stress. coming under frequent mortar attacks. when she came home she just wasn't the same. >> everything scared me. every little noise. >> reporter: she was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and medically discharged her without the medical benefits she was entitled to. >> they were told they are no longer fit to serve their
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military careers. >> the law has always been they should get benefits. we noticed a few years ago. and it is going back at least to 9/11 they have been discharged without these benefits. >> reporter: so attorneys filed a class action lawsuit in 2008 and the u.s. military said review boards would sort through the cases. but that process was taking years say the lawyers while veterans with p.t.s.d. continue to struggle. >> between 3 to 8 years these veterans have been going without military health care benefits for them and their family. >> reporter: today's settlement radically changes things for many including amy and her family. >> for my family it is not so much about the extra money per month it is the health care and you would be amazed how much that little i.d. card means to somebody. >> the settlement reached will give the veterans monthly retirement payments and the i.d. card that she was referring to. a project to salute american heros made a stop in
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washington today. the organization representatives traveled here in a restored 1952 jeep as part of the salute our troops jeep tour honoring a sergeant. it is to raise donations for military charity groups. we want to introduce you to a member of the military that has had a streak of luck. >> he won $1 million in the d.c. lottery. lindsey mastis brings us his story. what he will do with his winningss. >> reporter: july 5. tim rooke recently returned from a sixth- month tour in iraq. >> i put $40 in the machine. >> reporter: he wanted to wait until he got home to scratch off the ticket but he got a little impatient and went ahead and scratched it off right
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there. he couldn't believe it. he won $1 million. >> i actually bent over and kissed the ground at the ballpark. >> reporter: then he called his wife who is also in the air force. >> i tried not to believe him because you don't want to believe it. >> reporter: as he road home on the metro he let the news sink in. >> held onto the ticket for dear life. >> reporter: the thing about him and amy they are extremely responsible with the money so they took the lump sum and invested it. >> it is in the bank. i can't touch it. i have started a college fund for my neices and nephews and children we haven't met. >> i will surprise them and put some money down. >> reporter: he did splurge on something from tiffany's. >> talked to the guy behind the counter. told him i would take two of them. >> reporter: one more thing they both want.
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season tickets to nationals park. >> i'm a big nationals fan. >> reporter: in washington, i'm lindsey mastis. 9news now. >> good for them. tim has a year and a half of service left. amy has two years left with the air force. tim will continue to serve in the military and amy is going to go to college to study business and they have a boost to help them get there. >> fantastic. a fund for their neices and nephews. great. >> we shattered records today. >> yes, unofficial high 104. not as humid out there, lesli. we were talking about this. >> a look at video at dupont circle. we reached triple digits at all the airports. it was a very hot day. i will say as he was at the weather terrace earlier tonight it does seem a little more comfortable. a little more bearable.
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a heat advisory until 9 p.m. tonight. so basically that means is avoid doing anything too strenuous outside until that hour. otherwise though it will be a very warm night. so these were the records. 99 in downtown. 97 in dulles. basically we shattered all of the reports as we all reached more than 100 degrees this afternoon. right now it is 103 in downtown. manassas 99. fredricksburg 100. annapolis 95. baltimore at 101. now, the dew point. this is what tells us how heavy and muggy the air is. they are in the 60s around downtown. farther south you go maybe in the 70s. that's where it feels a little more oppressive. you can talk about that dew point comfort index in the 70s to the south of us. still feels oppressive. unconferdoppler radar. watching north of us. showers an storms going through. some are severe generally north of the mason dixon line. we could see showers and storms
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come through town tonight. tonight partly to mostly cloudy. a thunderstorm possible again to the north of town. lows 73 to 81 degrees. so around downtown lower 80s. 76 in manassas. it will be a warm overnight. keep the a.c. running probably. saturday morning sunny and warm. unhealthy for our sensitive groups. afternoon is still going to be hot but not as hot as compared to today. 95 degrees the high. still sticky on your saturday. 95 for downtown. gaithersburg 93. martinsburg 93. it is that time of the year. you want to go to the beach and do some boating for saturday around the bay. 86 and 91 degrees. lots of sun. sunday 87 and 92 degrees. northeast winds 5 to 10. waves a foot. 89 to 94 degrees saturday. partly cloudy conditions. sunday 88 to 93. water temperature is around 70 degrees. here is a look at your seven-
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day forecast. temperatures still warm. 93 for sunday. it is a chance for an isolated storm in the afternoon or evening. monday mostly sunny. highs in the mid-90s. so july will be turning out to be one of our hottest julys on record and we are hot again next week into the mid-90s for the rest of the week. but it is august, right? so we are used to this by now i think. >> the a.c. cranking, fans moving. just about everything going for sure. you need it. casey anthony gets an offer. what media outlet is offering her $500 to appear in its publication.
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. the media's appetite for anything related to casey anthony seems as large as ever. media outlets trying to capitalize on this after her acquittal. the owner of hustler magazine larry flint is talking with a legal team about the possibility of the 25-year-old posing nude in his magazine. is he not only offering her a half million dollars but also 10% of the sales profit. there are also reports anthony is seeking at least 1.5 million
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from television networks interested in getting her first interview. more trouble for former astronaut lisa nowak. she was forced to resign from nasa after plotting to attack a romantic rival in 2007. now she has been discharged from the navy. the navy recommended she be forced out under conditions other than honorable with a reduced rank. the man who threw a shaving cream pie at rupert murdoch was found guilty today. he launched the attack as the 80-year-old media giant testified about phone hacking at his former "news of the world" newspaper. he pleaded guilty to charges today. he is scheduled to be sentenced next week. how is the debt crisis impacting the housing market? i'm andrea mccarren. the story coming up.
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♪ come on, she got it you got it, we got it who's got it ♪ we're all different. that's why there are five new civics. the next-generation civic. only from honda. tonight the white house is accusing congress of paying a highly dangerous game with the debt ceiling debate. house represent representatives are scheduled to boat vote tonight on john boehner's plan. democrats still say the plan is
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dead on arrival in the senate. so derek mcginty is live at the debt desk in our newsroom with more on how a possible default could affect homeowners and potential home buyers. >> reporter: interest rate increases are nearly certain if the congress cannot make a deal and the united states defaults as of august 2nd, 3rd, or whenever it happens. heightened concerns now for our housing market. andrea mccarren has been speaking with mortgage lenders and realtors today. what do they say about all this? >> reporter: when there is this kind of economic uncertainty no one wants to make a major financial decision about buying a house so tonight a lot of people are anxiously waiting and watching to see what happens next. >> reporter: we have never faced this kind of economic situation in the history of the united states. >> reporter: mortgage lender dan caplin uses weather an allergies to describe our
5:32 pm
current economic storm. lightening clouds overhead. >> in my opinion it will bring on higher interest rates maybe for the short term, or even the long-term. that will have i think a devastating effect on our economy and any chances of an recovery. >> reporter: an estimated 15 million americans have adjustable rate mortgages. if this continues, homeowners and landowners could see their mortgages increase by hundreds of dollars if they have adjustable rate mortgages. >> we have short sales, foreclosures. i call that toxic interview. >> reporter: chip ward saying this is challenging times for realtors but he is grateful his buyers are going fixed rates. >> everybody is locking in on fixed rates. the rates are 4.5% roughly. so there is no reason, really, to go with an a.r.m. >> reporter: with the cloud of uncertainty hovering over capitol hill, many experts believe low interest rates will
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be critical to economic growth down the road. and let's make this clear. if you currently have a 30-year fixed rate mortgage you will not be impacted even if the government defaults as long as you continue to make your payments. however, government default would also have no effect on your ability to get a loan. lenders are still processing them and, of course, the interest rates are still very good. derek? >> what about if someone does get one of those arms what will they be looking to if we have a default. >> reporter: therein the anxiety lies. there have been suggestions of an interest rate hike as large as 2%. >> andrea mccarren, thank you. appreciate it. back to you. >> thank you, derek. runway work starts today at reagan national airport. construction will take place overnight to avoid interfering with daily flight schedules. they will be working on the
5:34 pm
main runway approach system and will be doing paving. work will continue for three months. a truck and a low bridge and this is the mess. traffic was blocked in charlottesville when a truck hit a bridge. the truck was carrying sand weighing about 400 pounds each. the driver was cited for ignoring a traffic sign. in the future you might get to make fewer trips to the gas station to fill up. today president obama and the nation's auto makers unveiled a proposal that will raise standards. >> reporter: the landscaping business goes up when fuel prices go up. he is hoping the new fuel rules will trim his overhead. >> service vehicles and pickup trucks and things like that. those have always been
5:35 pm
overperformers. >> reporter: the standards will double what vehicles get today. 55 miles per gallon by 2025. light trucks will be phased in a little slower. >> it will save a typical family more than $8000 in fuel costs over time. >> reporter: it will also be the biggest reduction in fuel consumption since the 1970s and cut auto emissions by 40%. >> i think ultimately striving towards that goal is good for everybody. >> reporter: chuck didn't wait for the government to help. he uses it in his business. >> the gas savings alone is 50% or more. >> reporter: you will save even more when the new fuel rules go into effect. >> those new standards are really a compromise between the president and auto makers who were unhappy about the cost of building fuel-efficient cars. the deal will save all of us money, reduce our oil
5:36 pm
dependency dependency. the italian auto maker selling more new cars than in its entire history. the luxury sports car makering plans to roll out a program in the fall that even let's you design your own wheels including exclusive materials, colors and trips. >> dream on. wow. now, you can call this the world's most expensive. single handedly causing a 1.1 million five car pileup. a bentley, ferrari, aston martin and mercedes-benz as well as a porsche. the estimated repair bill $150,000. let's see what's happening
5:37 pm
on our roadways. not in monty carlo. >> things are getting better although it doesn't look like it on the inner loop of the beltway. you've still got those delays from inner road all the way to new hampshire avenue. about a 30-minute ride and beyond that. you're okay in college park. other side of town. american legion bridge. no problems here. either loop of the beltway. doing fine in virginia. everything is okay as well. if you're headed to the bay bridge again rush hour began more like noon everything looking fine right now. now we will take you back over to the map. southbound side of i-95 in virginia. delays but lanes are open. virginia. roadwork closing rains between vandorn street and telegraph
5:38 pm
road. significant delays are expected. telegraph road south will also be closed from duke street to huntington avenue saturday and sunday. motorists are urged to steer clear of that construction in virginia. anita, back to you. >> good advice. free food on a hot day. imagine being inside the food truck, though. we will explain why it was in washington. and house speaker john boehner is speaking on the floor. planning to vote on a suggestion he has put forward to end this debt ceiling debate. we will be back on the other side.
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. despite the heat mays macy's rolled out a new food truck. they collected donations for the charity feeding america. the event is part of a national food truck tour showcasing macy's culinary creations. officials in prince william county are voting to make some major changes at their minor
5:42 pm
league baseball stadium. $150,000 will go forward improving conditions at the stadium. the stadium is nearly 30 years old and the team owner says the stadium has hosted a lot of different affiliates over the years because of its poor field condition. a university of maryland researchers says he has developed a monitoring system that can detect problems like the ones that brought down a minneapolis bridge four years ago. an electrical engineer says his wireless devices can pick up vibration, flexibility and the development of cracks. the sensors are expected to last more than a decade and are powered by light and radio waves. >> the moment we start seeing deviations from what would be a healthy behavior are systems are picking it up an producing an alert showing there is a problem here. >> it could be a life saving alert. he says he has been testing the bridge monitoring devices with the state department of
5:43 pm
transportation over the past year. coming up next on 9news now. i'm in cor corpus christie, texas. what this storm could mean for drought-stricken texas. and the heat is on. we broke many records today. the official high at reagan national. the numbers are in. 104 shattering the record of 99 set in 1993. we should be around 88. wouldn't that feel nice. i've got your full weekend forecast coming up a little bit later. up next a new report criticizes the way the f.d.a. okays some medical devices. are they proven safe before they are put into people. we will be right back.
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in tonight's health alert. a critique of the way many medical devices get approved without prior safety testing. the institute of medicine says the f.d.a. approval process is
5:47 pm
so flawed it should be scrapped. right now companies just need to show that some moderate-risk devices are similar to ones already on the market and don't need further testing. that's what happened with katherine airs with her hip replacement but after thousands have been used in patients doctors started to discover this replacement was shedding metal and the implant needed to come out. >> having a bigger incision and more things cut into again. it just was a lot longer recovery. >> the f.d.a. saying it doesn't plan to completely do away with its device fast track process but it will review it and ask the public to weigh in. a recent study showed more than 100 devices were recalled in four years time with complications to thousands of patients. a brain injured biker completed a 2700-mile journey today. a former off road racing star. his mom was there as he completed the last leg of his ride that is at the headquarters of the brain injury association of america
5:48 pm
in vienna. he began his journey june 20th in reno, nevada. his ride is designed to create more awareness and support for people dealing with brain injureries. tropical storm don will hit texas tomorrow. vacationiers and coastal residents just hope it doesn't stick around too long. >> we are joined live from corpus christie, texas. we know this has just been a miserable summer for the people down there. >> reporter: yeah, for several reasons, lesli, because of the heat, because of the drought and now because of the storm. it is actually starting to get gloomy and windy and no rain yet. but that rain is expected later tonight here on the coast of corpus christi and also further west towards brownsville. several inches at most is supposed to fall here in texas. they need it desperately because texas is really suffering from the drought. some 70% of the pastures and
5:49 pm
rains lands are almost all gun to grow crops successfully. the water is welcome but not for the vacationers. >> even if they get the water it won't do much to help with the significant drought they are in. >> just the beginning. they need much more rain than a few inches. we spoke with a farmer todayched he grows melons and weeds and corn. also cotton. he is completely dependent on rainfall for thousands of acres and for plants to get the rain, water out of the ground. completely dependent on that. he has had a rough couple of years and now his cotton crop which is okay, a decent harvest is threatened because of rain. he doesn't need the rain right now. it can ruin the cotton that he harvested now. he wants the rain but it could ruin his cotton crop that is due to be harvested right now. so he is actually working on
5:50 pm
that to try to salvage as much of the cotton as he can. a big problem for texas farmers. definitely they need the water and for beach goers you can see, take a look. people are trying to enjoy as much as they can. they will ride it out. nobody wants to interrupt their vacation. they will probably just ride out the rain, maybe have a good day tomorrow and then go home. it is brutally hot inland which is why they are here, lesli. >> i bet. trying to get some relief from that. manuel, thank you for that story. of course, weather we are down there or not, everything that happens there impacts all of us. that farmer talking about cotton. >> we are tracking don and we have been talking about it probably won't lead into a hurricane. that's the good news there. here is a look at the latest information where right now don is still a tropical storm, winds around 50 miles an hour. gusting up to 65. moving west-northwest generally at 65 miles an hour.
5:51 pm
hitting south of corpus christie. then winds heading farther inland and we will see it peter out right around sunday 2 a.m. where winds will be around 25 miles an hour. so don bringing some much needed rain to the area. now, in our area we do have heat alerts in effect. heat advisory until 9 p.m. tonight. heat index 105 to 110. so until 9 p.m. avoid doing anything too strenuous outside. right now temperatures around the beltway 99 at arlington. d.c. 103. college park 104. it feels hot out there. now the heat index, what it feels like when you factor in the humidity. 106 in downtown. gaithersburg 100. triple digits. fredricksburg 112. we are watching storms to the north of us right here and they are severe so we are watching to see if these storms come down here. so tonight you may hear a rumble of thunder especially north of town. so partly to mostly cloudy. warms and muggy. lows 73 to 81 degrees.
5:52 pm
around downtown low 80s. very warm overnight. in the morning mostly sunny warm air quality. code orange. unhealthy for our sensitive groups. now in the afternoon don't forget the sun screen and also drink lots of water. still hot. highs around 95 degrees. still on the sticky side. around mid-90s for downtown. culpeper 94. annapolis in the lower 90s. here is a quick look at your seven-day forecast. so your weekend finishes off on sunday. in the 90s with a chance for some isolated storms and on monday we are still hot. mid-90s. and for the rest of the week as we head into august now we will still be in the 90s. we do have a chance for some better storms middle of the week. >> okay, keep us posted. heat or no heat. training camp. it is on. those football players are out there in the midst of all this humidity. >> funny how it sort of times out that way. that right in the thick of the heat they are out there and dave, you're out there too trying to brave the elements. >> reporter: yes, ladies, got to give it up for engineers and cameramen. they have been out here pulling cables all day to get these
5:53 pm
live shots up. football wise we have been waiting for this day, of course, john beck has talked it. today he got a chance to walk it. just one of many storylines on day 1 of practice. >> anticipating this day for a long time. >> reporter: it has been talked about for months but still kind of needed to see it with your own eyes. yup, there he was. john beck leading the first team offense. >> that's what i want to be. try to be the first guy out. trying to do it right. >> he has been doing it all season. calling guys for workouts. >> reporter: i know, only day 1 and more competitions on the day. recent pickup clemens can begin practicing august 4th and beck is confident about a rex grossman return. >> it would be a surprise if he doesn't. he is going to be here. >> reporter: it is a different feel out here. distraction free. for one day at least. donovan mcnabb traded to minnesota and no more albert haynesworth soap operas. >> i'm sure he is happy now. organization is happy. we don't have to answer
5:54 pm
questions on a day-to-day basis. >> i'm glad they brought guys they want here and kicked guys out they can't. it is what it is. >> reporter: the redskins worked through the night to wrap up negotiations on all 12 of their draft picks. ryan kerrigan's deal was confirmed just this morning. he and the rookies were out for practice. let the baptisms begin. >> we saw guys arriving with suitcases like they are getting dropped off at daycare. it is crazy. >> reporter: just minus the nap time. >> we will bring mike shanahan live to you when he gets to the podium. we are live at redskins park. ladies back to you in the cool, cool studios. >> nice to give them props. coming up next on 9news now looking for matt damon.
5:55 pm
he is one among dozens of big named celebrities in town. i'm britany morehouse on the prowl for star sightings.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
9news now is sponsored in part by michael & son. if you can't, we can. matt dame, bill cosby, richard dreufus, shaq and kobe.
5:58 pm
>> we sent our own britany morehouse to see if she could spot any celebs. >> reporter: on the prowl for matt damon. >> have you seen this man? have you seen this man? >> oh, no. is he here? >> he is in town. >> reporter: in town with -- >> richard dreyfus? >> yes. >> reporter: in town. >> have you seen this man? >> oh, my god, no. but i wished i had. >> tell me if you find him. send him right in. >> reporter: hi, have you seen this man? he is here too for the omega sci-fi reunion. and... >> shaquille o'neal. >> reporter: at least a clue. these ladies in the no send me
5:59 pm
here. anyone see this guy? >> not yet, not yet hoping to see him. he is on his way, right? >> reporter: can't you call him? your his fraternity brother? then back to the hotel scene. trying the ritz and four seasons and the w where -- oh, wait, these people see someone. is it this guy at the willard? or -- >> kobe, yeah, i did see him. >> reporter: that's right. kobe bryant is in town to play soccer. >> he is not staying here? >> steve harvey? >> richard dreyfus. is he staying here? >> maybe they are under a mickey mouse name. >> reporter: after trying every alias i move on. i must not fail. britany morehouse, 9news now. >> she is so sneaky. thanks for

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